Villa Rampazzo

Repeta, Beregan, Clementi, Negri de Salvi

Villa Repeta, Beregan, Clementi, Negri de Salvi, Rampazzo

The villa is at the end of the road that runs along the Bisatto river bank. It already existed in the 16th century, when the road was once named “Contrà della Volta del Fiume”, as the dominion house of the noble Repeta family and was called “la Palazzina”.
This villa was sold to the Beregan family in 1632, who refurbished giving it today’s features.

The Beregan family was a vicentine family that joined the Venetian nobility in 1649. We know that the family since 1424 worked in the then profitable and flourishing wool industry in Vicenza.

The Beregan family maintained their properties in Albettone (over 400 fields and some houses) until the early nineteenth century. They were forced to sell all the family goods following contributions imposed by the French during the war to all of the Veneto area and the consequent indebtedness. The lands and buildings of Albettone, owned at that time by Angela Beregan, were sold for 44,884 lire to Carlo Clementi in 1808, a wealthy landowner of San Vito di Leguzzano. Subsequently, they passed to the noble Giovanni Battista De Salvi.

To this day in the village, there is a road “Via Ca ‘Bregana”, an evident distortion of the name Beregan.

Currently, the villa belongs to the Rampazzo family.

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